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AI Scenarios

Milvus opens up unlimited possibilities for the unstructured data

  • Computer vision

    Content-based image retrieval, for example.

  • Natural Language Processing

    Question-answering bot, for example.

  • Audio Processing

    Music search, for example.

  • Pharmaceutical

    Similarity analysis of chemical molecules, for example.


Why Milvus?

By optimizing existing vector retrieval algorithms and integrating hetegeneous computation resources, Milvus can provide stable and high-performance vector retrieval support for enterprise-level applications.

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  • metrics

    Comprehensive Similarity Metrics

  • performance

    Top-notch Performance

  • crud

    Dynamic Data Management

  • realtime

    Near Real Time Search

  • search

    Rich Data Types & Advanced Search

  • cost


  • scalable

    Highly Scalable and Robust

  • cloud

    Cloud Native

  • accessable

    Ease of Use

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